Short is Sexy

That’s why Millennium Integrated Marketing shortened
its name to Millennium Agency.

New name, same great agency.

Short is Sexy! That’s why Millennium Integrated Marketing shortened its name to Millennium Agency. Our new name communicates how important is it to “get to the point” – short and “make your brand attractive” – sexy.

Millennium Agency has experience to deliver nationally-proven digital marketing, content / social and PR strategies that capture market share and accelerate growth.

Clear, concise and visually attractive marketing.

When we launched Short is Sexy, naturally we got some questions. Don’t worry, we were prepared. Short is Sexy is a concept that applies to all our current and prospective customers. With our proprietary approach, Millennium Agency works to make your marketing to the point (short) and attractive (sexy), regardless of your industry.

To us, Short is Sexy represents a strategy for creating impactful marketing that is clear, concise, and visually attractive. No one ever hired a marketing firm for dull, cumbersome marketing strategies. All our clients want short, sexy marketing – even if they don’t know it yet.


Millennium Agency works with clients across industries who are passionate about what they do. From manufacturing to technology, retail, startups and more, every client wants to find a way to make their product/service sexy. By keeping it short, with the exact message to create a huge impact, Millennium connects their passion with their prospects in a meaningful way.

Short is Sexy isn’t just a campaign tagline. It represents our values, and the fun and excitement we bring to our clients’ marketing strategies. Ask us about the Short is Sexy philosophy, and join the hundreds of companies who have experienced marketing success through their partnership with our firm.



Marketing messages should be short and sexy.

Here are some of the ways we help our clients keep their marketing to the point and attractive:

Company Name

A catchy, short name for your business will help you establish a strong place in the minds of your prospects. Make sure it doesn't sound too much like something else!

Domain Name

Keep your domain name below 20 characters if you can. The top 100,000 websites have an average of 9 characters in their domain name.

Social Messages

Twitter allows 140 characters, and we recommend that you aim for the same amount (or less) on other platforms as well. The shorter and more impactful, the better.


Keep your headlines short and keyword-focused. If you can communicate what the article, blog or webpage is about in 5-8 words, you're doing great!

Email Blasts

Sending a message to your current list? Reaching out to new contacts for the first time? Either way, keep your content short and valuable. They will appreciate it!

Contact Forms

The contact form on your website should be as short as possible - first name, last name, email, company, and (optional) phone number should do the trick.


Skip the whitepapers and go right to ebooks. These should be short, visually interesting, and have a strong call to action. Check out our ebooks section to learn more.


Blogs should be keyword-rich, well-organized, and utilize bullets/numbers, headlines, subheadlines, and imagery. Typically 500 words or less is ideal.

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