Digital Marketing

We are a certified Google, Bing, HubSpot, and SharpSpring Partner, which means that our digital team meets rigorous standards.


Our digital marketing strategies drive website traffic, convert users to leads, and accelerate growth.

Millennium Agency has experience to reach prospects who need your products or services through digital marketing, including Google AdWords, online display advertising, and social media advertising; bring people back to your website with retargeting; and nurture leads through marketing automation.

Millennium also develops over 50 fully-responsive websites per year in the WordPress content management system (CMS) technology platform. When you combine growth-focused digital marketing with an easy-to-use, approachable website, you have the makings of a truly successful digital strategy.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Scalable, affordable digital marketing solutions that yield a high return on investment.

Millennium stays current with the latest advances in digital marketing technology, so your marketing investment is scalable and affordable. We believe in fully integrated campaign strategies that maximize your budget and do “real work” to fill your sales funnel.

Our approach keeps you highly involved, working closely with our team from concept to completion and tracking. With an overload of information in the figital space, Millennium is able to provide the insight and expertise to clients so they know where their investment will make the greatest impact, and deliver the best return.

Digital marketing is all-encompassing – from ensuring digital brand consistency across platforms to establishing an inbound-focused website, SEM, SEO, retargeting, social media, email marketing, content marketing and more.

How do we know it works? We have the metrics and the real-life successes to prove it. We deliver better than average CTR and conversions rates on our digital campaigns, and our content strategies result in actual leads/form submissions on our clients websites. Your website should be a lead generating engine, and we can get you there.

Digital Marketing Services

Responsive Websites

Captivate customers with unique and exciting web design.

The way your website works is critical to conversion rates. But web functionality goes hand in hand with web design – if the look of your website doesn’t say you’ve got it all figured out, you’ll have customers turning away.

Yes, Google's algorithms reward responsive websites. However, that’s not the only reason you need one. Responsive websites are your opportunity to reach the rapidly increasing population that is using their mobile device for all their purchases and buying decisions. Millennium approaches responsive web design from the perspective of the entire user experience. Through research, we determine why customers come to your site, what they do when they get there, and how to improve the experience so they are more likely to convert to leads. From concept to launch and ongoing monitoring and improvement, Millennium will ensure that your responsive website meets your expectations for increased accessibility and conversions.

Experience Design (UX/UI)

User experience & user interface (UX/UI) are the top reasons people will like – or not like – your website.

Experience design plays a critical role in how happy people are when they’re using your website or mobile app. If your website or app is hard to use, information is hard to find, and the path of action is difficult to follow, users won’t stick around long enough to determine if your services or products are worth the headache. Millennium puts experience design (UX/UI) where it should be, at the top of the list in our web and app development priorities. Through careful planning, research, and testing, our web team makes sure that your customers know what to do and like what they see when they get to your website on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile. By making it easy for your customers to work with you, you can open your channel for inbound leads and increasingly up your conversion rates.

Mobile Applications

Become a must-have for your customers with mobile app design and development.

It’s a big win when customers become reliant on your mobile applications. Using mobile applications is a huge demonstration of brand loyalty – and it also drives mobile sales. With more and more people making purchases and buying decisions from their mobile device, mobile applications are a must-have for many businesses.

Millennium knows mobile app design and development is a big commitment, and we take it very seriously. Our process includes complete experience design, from the initial interaction through the entire customer journey. Brainstorming and research launch the project, followed by extensive planning and wireframing. UX/UI is considered at the customer’s every move, and we managed the update process post-launch, so your customers never go without.

Pay-per-click Advertising

You help your customers, help them find you with pay-per-click advertising.

There are countless people looking for your services or products, and they rely on the web to help them find what they need, when they need it. Pay-per-click can help fill your sales funnel with qualified leads by listing you at the top of search results and on websites that are relevant to your potential customers.

Our Google AdWords partnership ensures that we have access to extensive data, so we can run your campaigns with accuracy. Google tests us on what we know, and how well our digital campaigns perform. No pressure! This certification gives us and our clients special attention and support from a dedicated Google AdWords team, and enables us manage your online display, pay-per-click, and retargeting campaigns to be highly effective.


Once a customer has engaged, inspire them to come back with retargeting.

When a customer visits your site, maybe even completes an action, and then leaves, you don’t want to lose them to the next advertisement that walks by. Retargeting allows you to display your ads to these engaged customers as they continue to roam the web. Helpful retargeting reminders can make the difference between buying from you or the next guy.

Retargeting is the art of keeping your brand top-of-mind for clients or customers, without overdoing it. Your audience is busy, and they’re probably the kind of folks who live and die by the reminders on their calendar apps. Be that helpful reminder with retargeting, and they’ll be grateful you didn’t let them miss a great deal or new product/service you’re offering.

Online Display Advertising

Expand your reach with online display advertising and increase market share.

Online display allows you to be highly targeted or board-brush in your approach, so your results are custom tailored to the needs of your business or organization. With targeting options including topics, keywords, placements and demographics, online display – managed by an experienced marketing partner – can significantly boost your market share.

Whether targeting by topic, websites, demo/geo, or interests, we will get to know your audience and help you makes choices that deliver above-average click rates for your ads. Whether you have extensive experience in online display management, have worked with another provider with mixed results, or are just breaking into online marketing, Millennium can ensure a smooth transition and help you get great results with your digital campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Turn missed opportunities into lifelong customers with marketing automation.

You may not know that a 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect for your business as a 10% decrease in costs. And, increasing customer retention can be much easier. With marketing automation, you can work the relationship with all kinds of prospects, from the one-time form submitter to the 10-year loyal customer. Marketing automation ensures that once a person has some interaction with your business, you stay at the forefront of their mind while they are making their next buying decision.

With help from our highly-skilled digital team, you can start to capture missed sales opportunities in weeks, not months or years. We’ll help you identify the workflows you need based on your sales or recruitment goals, craft content that’s relevant for each phase of those workflows, and implement them for you. Our digital team will even design, program and implement them for you – if that isn’t easy, we don’t know what is.

Data & Analytics

Respond to your data and analytics for ongoing campaign improvement.

Data and analytics, like most things, only work if you use them. Your analytics can tell you not only if your campaigns are or aren’t working, but also how and where improvements can be made. If you listen to your data, your campaigns are guaranteed to improve over time.

Millennium’s experienced team reviews data and analytics for our clients constantly. Rather than a monthly or weekly review schedule, we watch your campaigns in real time, so we can adjust quickly as needed. Your data and analytics can show what your customers do first on your website, how they get there, how long it takes them to convert, how well your inbound marketing is working, and so much more.

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