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Our content / social strategies elevate organic search rankings and increase leads for growth.

Millennium Agency believes that content marketing is the most important way to drive traffic to your website. As a lead generating engine, your website must then engage users and get them to take action, converting them to leads. We have seen – time and time again – the real, tangible increase in incoming leads through consistent, keyword focused content strategies.

Organic search is not the only way new users will come to your website. Social media referral traffic can often increase website traffic substantially. With more and more users getting their news through social channels, connecting your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and/or Pinterest to your valuable website content is key to increasing market share.

Millennium delivers measurable improvements in search traffic and lead generation through effective content / social marketing.

Maybe it’s hard to believe that your blog could be a significant sales channel for your company. Even if your industry is not notorious for blogging, being an early adopter is important for SEO (search engine optimization).

Your blog will help you rank higher in search results, so more people who are looking for your products/services will find you when they search.


Combine a really great blog with a website that converts users to leads, and you can begin to build a strong flow of inbound leads. Additionally, social media platforms can meet your prospects where they are at, and guide them to your site in an organic way.

Paid search and social advertising is the final piece in a truly successful content strategy. Low cost relative to other mediums and truly effective, paid search/social push your content to like-users, and entice them back to your website, where you capture their data and convert.

Content / Social Media Services

Content Marketing

Create a consistent voice that is valuable and reliable with content marketing.

If you haven’t bought in to the need for content yet, here’s some thoughts that might change your mind. Content is the new SEO – a huge portion of your organic search rankings depend on the amount of relevant, current on your website. That means substantial, keyword-appropriate content on every page, as well as new blogs, articles, and press releases on a regular basis. Google will look right past you in search results if your content hasn’t been updated since 2007.

Once we fully understand your goals, we handle the content creation for you – from blogs and articles to website copy, videos, photos with alt descriptions and more, Millennium will draft content that is relevant to your company and industry. We optimize it with keywords that are determined through research – we know how many people search these words each month, so we know they’re important to target audience. If it all sounds a little overwhelming, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Social Media

Build your brand presence on social media for more inbound leads.

Hand-in-hand with your content marketing efforts, social media can increase your reach, build trust in your brand, and bump up your in-flow of leads. We hear businesses say that the toughest part about social media is creating content that is consistent and engaging. They also want to measure success. If this sounds like you, read on.

Millennium’s approach to social media is personable, professional, and reflective of what your audience wants to see and hear. We do our due-diligence to establish an authentic voice that represents you, while speaking to your customers with the industry authority they expect on the platforms they use. Let us help you turn your current or non-existent social media strategy into one that drives leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your SEO helps customers find you, when they need you.

You know you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But with Google changing its algorithms more often than we change our socks, it’s tough to keep up. SEO is a culmination of all the things you’re doing right in your marketing efforts. Responsive web; content marketing; inbound marketing with online display, paid search, and retargeting; social media and more, all drive SEO.

If you’re goal is being found, Millennium can help you filter through the zillion things that affect search engine optimization and get you a plan that works, and also fits your budget. We know that every marketing spend is different, so we create our plans on a tiered system making SEO not only affordable, but effective, for our clients.


Be a leader, talk like a leader with blogging.

Blogging can be one of the best ways to boost your website’s visibility and establish your business or organization as an opinion-leader in your industry. Blogging is a double edge sword in your marketing strategy – it lets you voice your industry expertise while also giving you a way to keep your web presence relevant and fresh, which makes Google and other search engines (are there other search engines?) smile on you. Greater still is the impact a single blog can have if it’s pushed out through the right channels.

Millennium’s content team can do the heavy lifting for you. We know you don’t have time for blogging – that’s okay, it’s what we do. Through careful keyword research and industry data discovery, Millennium helps you figure out your best blog personality, and then drives the blogging strategy and execution.

Social Media Advertising

Build an audience with social media advertising to drive web traffic and increase inbound leads.

Whether the people who would buy your services or products are on Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or other platforms, you can reach them with social media advertising. Social ads help you show your customers that you’re the right choice by guiding them to your helpful and informative content. Once they trust and believe in what you say, the opportunity for conversion increases ten-fold.

Millennium’s social media strategies are twofold – we help you build organic content that lives on your pages, keeping people interested and engaged; and pushing paid content through channels that grow your audience, so more people see that awesome content on your page. By creating an increasingly dynamic and engaged ecosystem online, your social presence can become another channel to increase lead generation and awareness.

Email Marketing

Bring customers to you with a strong email marketing plan.

Email marketing is a powerful way to increase your reach, and inform your audience. Maybe you’ve spent years compiling your database of contacts, or you’re ready to dip your toe into targeted email marketing with a purchased list. Either way, reaching customers with targeted content and bold calls-to-action through email marketing is an important piece in your inbound marketing efforts.

Millennium can help you make the critical decisions that make or break your email marketing strategy. We work with you to discover what messages work for your audience, how frequently you should be reaching out, and at what point to make your ask. Millennium also uses proven tools for email distribution and tracking, so you’ll know who engages with your emails, what they do, and how to adjust to make your campaigns better and better.

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