3 Golden Rules for an Engaging User Experience

User experience means identifying your prospects early, shepherding them through the lead lifecycle, and keeping them interested even after they buy from you. Since it’s generally more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, it’s as important to grow value for existing customers as it is to bring in new ones.

Taking it one step further, according to UX Magazine, an engaged customer is worth even more than a loyal customer. We agree – if a loyal customer will buy from you once every 10 years, an engaged customer will give you written and verbal endorsements across platforms, buy from you more often, and become an extension of your brand promise in everything they say and do. That means that one engaged customer can build an entire ecosystem of other loyal and engaged customers.

Choreographing this entire process is known as experience design – from creative design and UX/UI to inbound marketing and automation, you’ll need to manage the entire customer experience to stay ahead of the game. In our experience (get it), there are 3 golden rules for experience design that can help you increase the engagement and loyalty of new and existing customers…

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