3 Tips to Master Micro-Moments

We are now living in a mobile era. Much of society is on-the-go these days and people often use their smartphones, more-so than they use stationary computers, to find information quickly. Whether it be looking for the closest Italian restaurant, buying a new pair of shoes, or researching their next vacation spot, people turn to […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

We all receive marketing emails from a business we showed some interest in at one point or another. If you’re like most people, you may receive a few marketing emails per day. If you’re also like most people, it’s safe to say that only a select few of these catch your eye while many others […]

3 Key Benefits of Retargeting Through Facebook

With over 1 billion active accounts on Facebook, there is no secret as to why businesses want to integrate Facebook into their inbound website strategy. However, Facebook has become more than just a social media platform; the site has evolved into a powerful marketing machine through which any business, group, or figure has the ability […]

Solid Strategies to Build Your Brand with Customers

If your company doesn’t have a strong digital marketing strategy in place, chances are you’re losing market share to some of your competitors who do. There is simply no better approach to modern marketing efforts than those embodied by digital lead generation, social media participation, analytics and all the other individual components that can help build […]

Prime Women: The Current Top 3 SEO Do’s and Don’ts

“In marketing, it’s always best not to get too comfortable with doing something one way, because before you know it, everything will change. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have irreversibly rewritten the rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).” Read more and find out about SEO do’s and don’ts in the full article published in Prime Women. Need to enhance […]

10 Talks: Simplifying Your Content [VIDEO]

Content should be viewed as a tool that provides value for your audience. It needs to be clean and provide value. Don’t overthink it. Learn how to simplify your content while increasing the time prospects spend on your website, and enjoy the first video of our 10 Talks series! Is it time for a content refresh? Contact Millennium […]

3 Ways Digital Marketing is Influencing Higher Education Recruitment

For higher education, meeting enrollment goals in quantity and quality of prospects is a high priority. Students, parents, and counselors are researching and making decisions online, and your web presence is influencing their choices. Digital marketing in higher education has proven to be beneficial and successful. If you want to target your ideal prospects and […]

Identifying the Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses

The growth of social media has been steady over the past decade, culminating in what can be considered the golden age of social platforms. Almost every aspect of the daily routine has some form of social media connected to it, whether that is tracking your physical activity or discussing the latest trends in your industry. […]

To App or Not to App

Is a mobile app right for your business? That is the question. It was predicted back in 2008 that mobile browsing would overtake desktop by 2014. This reality then led to the push for optimization of websites for mobile to enhance the browsing experience as an industry best practice. This was based on Google’s decision to […]

Digital Dance: Partnering Data and Creative

Strawberry Pop-Tarts®. If you live in Florida, you know there is a strong likelihood that you will at some point have to contend with a hurricane. Several went through Florida in 2004 and Wal-Mart decided to study its product sales during those periods. What the data revealed was interesting.   According to a QualityDigest article, Wal-Mart expected […]

Mentor Up: Making mentoring a reciprocal relationship

Google the word mentor and you come up with a definition that reads: to advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague).   Passing on skills and knowledge from seasoned professionals to those who are up and coming is the traditional view of mentoring. That being said, the technology skills and knowledge necessary for success […]