Avoiding Writer’s Block with Manufacturing Blogging

Even for the most experienced content marketing manufacturing blogger, there will eventually come a day when the dreaded specter of writer’s block will rear its ugly head and leave you staring at a blindingly blank screen wondering those fateful words … “Now what?” Manufacturing blogging is no walk in the park under normal circumstances, let […]

Boost Web Traffic and Lead Generation with Social Media

Word-of-mouth referrals have are among the most effective and desired marketing tool, as their presence within trusted relationships of families and friends lends credibility and esteem to brands. However, social media has launched referral marketing to new heights. With a record-breaking number of participants across a wide range of networks, the social media phenomenon has […]

How Integrating Social Media and Public Relations Can Help Generate Leads

Social media has become an essential component of the successful marketer’s toolkit, and its integration with traditional public relations solutions yields the most tangible results. Building and maintaining positive public relations is the essence of any business – but owners who embrace a multi-tiered public relations plan and use it to position themselves as knowledgeable, […]

Increase Referrals and Web Traffic with Social Media Strategies

Chances are you use social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to network with colleagues and connect with friends. But are you using these platforms to their ultimate advantage? Social media marketing is a proven method to increase referrals and drive traffic to your website.   Think of each of your social media accounts […]

The Importance of Transparency in Public Relations Strategy

Transparency: it has been a buzzword in most industries for several years now. It describes the openness of a brand and their ability to share certain company information as well as take on opinions related to things such as environmental and social issues. In practicing transparency, businesses are seen as being more honest and trustworthy. […]

Taking a Stand for Brand Identity

Once upon a time, maintaining a company’s brand identity followed the same golden rule of the family dinner table: no politics or religion. In that simpler time, wading into the waters of hot button issues was an invitation for a public relations crisis that risked alienating your market. Given those guidelines, it’s easy to see […]

Why Content is Key for Promoting Your Business

If you are a successful business owner, chances are your business’ website has a blog/article section, news releases, and a strong social media presence. If your business doesn’t publish content such as this regularly, you may want to reconsider the benefits offered by content creation. Here are three reasons why content is key when it […]

3 Reasons Why Skilled Content Development is a Great Investment

Have you noticed that most businesses include articles and blogs on their websites, and post frequently to social media? The internet has changed the way businesses reach out to, and communicate with, consumers. Blogs, articles, posts, and more are part of a business’ content strategy. Content development helps brands retain their current customers as well […]

Build a Social Media Branding Strategy: A Guide to Social Media Platforms

Social media has, no doubt, solidified its place in the marketing communications mix, but knowing and applying that fact are two entirely different things. Within the larger omni-channel marketing mix, social media can seem trivial and even cursory. However, as short-lived as a post, Tweet, or Snapchat may appear, an effective social media branding strategy can […]