Avoiding Writer’s Block with Manufacturing Blogging

Even for the most experienced content marketing manufacturing blogger, there will eventually come a day when the dreaded specter of writer’s block will rear its ugly head and leave you staring at a blindingly blank screen wondering those fateful words … “Now what?” Manufacturing blogging is no walk in the park under normal circumstances, let […]

The Real Value of Video

Online videos have led to increased sales and expanded brand awareness for companies of all sizes and industries, including your manufacturing and technology business – and online video use is growing at an impressive rate. In addition to creating and developing content-rich, customer-focused Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, business owners should incorporate video into their […]

Text Messages that Sell

With 6 billion text messages sent daily in the U.S. alone, texting has become an unofficial national pastime. Luckily for your manufacturing and technology related business, texts have evolved from facilitating small talk into a viable marketing strategy.   Text message or SMS (short message service) marketing is highly effective because customers and prospects opt-in […]

Boost Web Traffic and Lead Generation with Social Media

Word-of-mouth referrals have are among the most effective and desired marketing tool, as their presence within trusted relationships of families and friends lends credibility and esteem to brands. However, social media has launched referral marketing to new heights. With a record-breaking number of participants across a wide range of networks, the social media phenomenon has […]

How Integrating Social Media and Public Relations Can Help Generate Leads

Social media has become an essential component of the successful marketer’s toolkit, and its integration with traditional public relations solutions yields the most tangible results. Building and maintaining positive public relations is the essence of any business – but owners who embrace a multi-tiered public relations plan and use it to position themselves as knowledgeable, […]

Yes, social media is for manufacturers, too.

For some manufacturers, social media ends up as the outcast of their advertising efforts. Unsurprisingly, this social media shortchange is often the result of a cascade of sweeping generalizations about who’s on social media and what they’re doing there. Perhaps imagining the entire social media landscape as a digital wasteland of internet addicted millennials swapping […]

Increase Referrals and Web Traffic with Social Media Strategies

Chances are you use social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to network with colleagues and connect with friends. But are you using these platforms to their ultimate advantage? Social media marketing is a proven method to increase referrals and drive traffic to your website.   Think of each of your social media accounts […]

Match your Business with the Right Marketing Firm to Achieve your Goals

Many business owners in the manufacturing and technology sector eventually reach a point of growth when they require the assistance of a marketing firm. The reasons for this vary: they need to build or strengthen their personal brand; they don’t have the skills required to increase their website’s search engine rankings or design eye-catching direct […]

Manufacturing Marketing and the Art of Casting a Narrow Net

To paraphrase Finley Peter Dunne: Manufacturing marketing ain’t bean-bag.” While it goes without saying that manufactured goods like spindles, ball bearings, and wires make up an important part of everyday life, actually marketing these products presents a unique set of challenges. Manufactured goods don’t tend to have the broad target market of things like potato […]

Tips For Creating an SEO-Friendly URL

The average person has come to rely on Google for anything and everything. Whether you’re looking up directions or trying to find out if Incredibles 2 is really worth a trip to the movie theater, think of how many times you use Google in a day. With over 40,000 Google searches per second, how can […]

Tips on Building Stronger Relationships with Your Clients

Relationships surround us. They’re in our homes, our hobbies, and our offices. But how about our customers? Strong relationships are the key ingredient in setting your business apart from the rest. Making a lasting connection as opposed to a one-off interaction with your customers will increase customer satisfaction rates and brand loyalty. Here are some […]