3 Reasons Why Skilled Content Development is a Great Investment

Have you noticed that most businesses include articles and blogs on their websites, and post frequently to social media? The internet has changed the way businesses reach out to, and communicate with, consumers. Blogs, articles, posts, and more are part of a business’ content strategy. Content development helps brands retain their current customers as well […]

Tips on Starting Your Own Blog

Blogging is easily one of the biggest marketing trends of the decade. It is well known in the marketing world that there are a variety of benefits blogging creates for business. Just a few of these benefits include: Establishment of a business as a thought leader in their industry Higher credibility with customers/readers Increased brand […]

4 Ways to Gain the Best Visibility with Native Ads

Native advertising. It is truly the future of advertising. For those of you who aren’t familiar with native ads, they are a form of advertising that “blends in” with a webpage environment to create a seamless transition between the page content and sponsored content. Native advertising can come in many different forms online; it can […]

Why Your Website Should Include Visualization

We’ve all seen videos being shared on social media to promote certain businesses. In fact, it’s almost more common to see videos on social media than any other form of post these days. But it doesn’t end there, many websites also feature videos on their landing pages to give visitors a better idea of who […]

3 Tips to Master Micro-Moments

We are now living in a mobile era. Much of society is on-the-go these days and people often use their smartphones, more-so than they use stationary computers, to find information quickly. Whether it be looking for the closest Italian restaurant, buying a new pair of shoes, or researching their next vacation spot, people turn to […]

How to Improve Your Positioning of Service

Positioning is all about establishing the identity of your business. Positioning of service refers to the impression a customer forms when they come in contact with your business, or to put it differently: who do they think you are as a business? The days of simply providing a service or product and then calling it […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

We all receive marketing emails from a business we showed some interest in at one point or another. If you’re like most people, you may receive a few marketing emails per day. If you’re also like most people, it’s safe to say that only a select few of these catch your eye while many others […]

5 Principles to Help You Design Your Logo

Logos. They are the first point of contact between your business and a prospective customer. Some logos are stylish and extravagant while others are simple and subtle, but they all serve the same basic functions. A successful logo will catch the eye of a consumer, inform them in the most basic way about who you […]


MILLENNIUM AGENCY RECOGNIZED FOR 2017 W3 SILVER AWARD FOR NCS REGULATORY COMPLIANCE WEBSITE   (MANCHESTER, NH | BOSTON, MA) – Millennium Agency is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of the 2017 12th Annual W3 Silver Award by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. Specifically, this Silver Award was in recognition for […]

Millennium Integrated Marketing Launches New Website and Shortens Name to Millennium Agency

(Manchester, NH | Boston, MA) – Millennium Integrated Marketing, a New Hampshire and Boston-based digital marketing, content/social, and PR firm, is pleased to announce the launch of their new website, www.mill.agency, in conjunction with their shortened name, Millennium Agency. “We’re the same great company, with a shorter name and new brand,” states Linda Fanaras, Millennium’s […]